A Sunday afternoon visit from Ella James!

Here's some scoop about the fabulous Ella James you may know:
Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Add a few things no one knows.
Well, I'm a happily married mom of a 10-month-old boy and a one-year-old white German Shepherd. :) My husband is my college sweetheart, and he edits all my books. I live in the South. All that, everybody knows. :) Now for some secrets... One of my ancestors survived the Titanic. I'm a big fan of conspiracy theories...but (like all conspiracy theorists) I like to think I only give credence to the theories that have some 'factual' evidence. ;) Also, I plan to go to medical school one day.

Tell us about your books. 
I wrote the Stained Series, which includes Stained, Stolen, and Chosen (June release), as well as a fourth book, which should be out this summer. I also wrote HERE, a YA sci-fi romance that is first in a trilogy, and Before You Go, a contemporary romance set in the same universe as an adult romance I'm releasing this summer. Another secret: I'm working on an awesome, very character-driven Christian romance... but I won't publish it as Ella James. :) 

There are so many ebooks. What makes yours distinct?
I think everyone has run into an ebook that suffers from less-than-awesome writing. It's just one of those things - when people publish a very first book, sometimes the writing isn't rockin'. I think my books are consistently well-written. They do occasionally have typos, because like most ebooks they don't go through the rigorous several-editor process that print books do... but I think the writing is fundamentally solid. I worked as an entertainment writer for newspapers and magazines for 10 years before publishing my fiction, and I have a degree in journalism. 

I also put a lot of thought into my characters and try to make them very well-rounded. Stained was my second-ever book (originally written in 2006), and that series is about Nephilim - which have been done since then. But HERE is about... something pretty unusual. *Zips lips*  Some other books on my TBW list include a far-futuristic romance, a zombie trilogy, and a series about shapeshifters that shift into the last animal they saw. So I try to keep it interesting. Odds are low that my more recent books will be like a lot of other things you read. :) I have to add, my books all cost less than your standard gas station snack, and all have at least 4.5 stars on Amazon.

It sounds like you have several books set to come out soon. Can you tell us what to watch for?
Chosen, Stained book three, will be out in a few weeks. After that will be either Stained book four (the last Stained book) or HERE book two. :) All that should happen in the next two to three months. You should also friend me on Facebook, because I run contests and give away Amazon gift cards all the time! 


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