Tickets are now on sale!

Tickets are NOW on sale for the sequel to The Hunger Games!
Many local theatres are offering tickets to see the both movies the same night!

New book release!

Piper’s world is dying. Each day brings hotter temperatures and heat bubbles which threaten to destroy the Earth. Amid this Global Heating Crisis, Piper lives under the oppressive rule of her mother, who suffocates her even more than the weather does. Everything changes on her eighteenth birthday, when her mother is called away on a mysterious errand and Piper seizes her first opportunity for freedom.
Piper discovers a universe she never knew existed—a sphere of gods and monsters—and realizes that her world is not the only one in crisis. While gods battle for control of the Underworld, Piper’s life spirals out of control as she struggles to find the answer to the secret that has been kept from her since birth—her very identity….
An imaginative melding of mythology and dystopia, Solstice is the first YA novel by talented newcomer P. J. Hoover.
See the book trailer here!

The triplets at three weeks old and growing...

Young Adult Book Festival is coming to Round Rock, Texas!

For the first time EVER, we will be having a young adult book festival here in Round Rock!  Sponsored by The Book Spot and hosted by Round Rock High School, make plans to attend!  Over twenty three authors will be there talking with their fans, taking pictures, and signing autographs! 

What a fantastic book!

I just read an advanced reader's copy of this novel!
It has a little bit of magic, a lot of mystery, and a heroine who has a pig as her sidekick...
I know, you're thinking, "A pig?" but it worked and was hilarious!!!

YOU can win FIFTY SIGNED books!!!

YES!  YOU could win!  Just go to Beth Revis's website and tell her why YOU ♥ YA!

Coming soon!

Have you seen the book trailer for this book yet???
I can't wait for it to be released!!!

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